SpherePhone Virtual Phone

With this self-serve phone numbers, offer your customers cloud virtual phone number anywhere in the world.

  • Toll-Free numbers

    Get toll free and local virtual phone numbers.

  • Works from anywhere

    Make and receive calls on any device of your choosing

  • Unlimited Extensions

    Сustomers can add unlimited extension numbers to their Spherephone.

SpherePhone allows you to have a local area code and phone number in another state or country. It gives the opportunity to cut high phone costs and make calls for the price of a local call.

Just enter your desired U.S. or International area code number and we'll do the rest. Automatically we'll forward calls to your mobile or landline number.

Choose the SphereMail address and answer calls anywhere.


  • SpherePhone is a virtual phone number. Virtual phone numbers are numbers in one locality that reach destinations in other locations, either in the same state, country or around the world.

    These numbers allow you to forward calls to any device worldwide.

  • Our virtual phone numbers offer seamless automated phone line management. It allows businesses to cut their high real estate costs and easily mobilize their workforce.
  • A virtual phone number is a real phone number. It works just like a regular phone number, too: you can use a virtual phone number to talk and receive or send texts.
  • SpherePhone provides tons of toll-free virtual phone numbers- it’s just as easy to get one as it is to get any virtual phone number.

    You can appoint yourself the amount which you will charge customers per minute for calls on the toll-free number.

    1. Voicemail service.
    2. Message Notifications.
    3. Personal Message. It’s a record of a personal message as a greeting.
    4. Unlimited Extensions. This allows customers to add unlimited extension numbers to their Spherephone.
    5. Make Outgoing Calls. This will allow customers to send calls from their current phone and have their Spherephone number be displayed.
    6. Number porting. This allows customers to move their Spherephone number to their existing phone number.

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