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Robust postal mail & virtual phone management SaaS solution. Built for businesses like yours.

  • Works great right of out the box

    Your customers & staff will love SphereMail for it’s flexibility & ease of use.

  • No setup or hidden fees

    SphereMail’s user license is the perfect model for you. No 30 day holding period before receiving your funds from revenue. Or, choose Revenue Share which costs 30% and includes Credit Card fees. You will receive 75%.

  • Additional Revenue Stream

    List your business with us and start generating revenue and scaling your business quickly.

Peace-of-mind for your customers. Sustainable profit for you

Offer peace-of-mind to customers who are on the road or just don't have the time to physically check their mail daily, so they can focus on the important things.

  • Pick a Plan

    Choose the desired plan which suits the needs of your business, whether large or small. No contract. cancel anytime.

  • Manage Your Customer's Mail

    Add and manage customer’s paper mail for remote staff. It helps them to cut their high real estate cost and mobilize their workforce.

  • Receive Monthly Profit

    Customers automatically billed every month, 6 months, or yearly depending on their contract.

SphereMail as a service

SphereMail was created to push the limits of location. Add customers with a custom subscription plan, add their paper mail to the system, and get revenue.

It resolves intra/inter-company mail to and from remote staff, without losing physical mail items; i.e., it allows corporations to cut their high real estate cost and mobilize their workforce.

High Volume MailProcessing

Think possessing mail is time consuming or don't have the resources/manpower to process mail for your customers? Let us handle this for you! We'll take care of everything starting from mail insertion to scanning, and even forwarding the mail to your customers.

  • Coworking space signs up with SphereMail.

  • Customers sign up and gets the address.

  • Mail arrives but we have to automatically reroute it to another facility to process it.

  • Removed a major bottleneck with mail management that coworkings go through on a daily basis.

The idea is to take on the daily mail from the mail administrators by contracting out the daily mail processing work to other facilities

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SphereMail is awesome. Their software is easy to use and looks great! The staff is very helpful and extremely friendly. I would recommend this service to any who are looking to make a passive income.

Stay connected. Anywhere.


  • Revenue Share

    Manage customers mail confidently with all features

    30% Transaction Fee

    • Standard White-label Website
    • Automated Billing System
    • Public Website for Virtual Users
    • Offer ACH and Credit Card Subscriptions
    • Offer Discount Coupons and Trials
    • Training and Support
  • Enterprise

    Advanced functionality available for your enterprise

    Custom pricing available

    • Dedicated server
    • Mailroom Notification Software
    • Customized Configurations
    • Dedicated Representative
    • Dedicated Server (Optional)
    • Pre-sales Support
    • Training and Support


  • SphereMail is a cloud based platform that simplifies mail management at coworking spaces in addition to generating virtual phone numbers to users. It resolves intra/inter-company mail, to and from remote staff, without losing a physical mail items; i.e. it gives corporations the opportunity to cut their high real estate cost and mobilize their workforce. In addition SphereMail also provides virtual phone numbers and extensions for seamless automated phone line management.
  • There are no subscription fees or hidden fees. It’s simple: as soon as you have members signed up, SphereMail’s revenue share is only 30%. This includes the cost of Credit Card processing, unlimited admins, the ability to create unlimited coupons, Real-time view activity and revenue reports, and the ability to create up to 8 subscription plans. Our service includes full access to a platform, which provides a payment processor, the ability to manage customers, and 24/7 phone/email support.
  • You sure can. Absolutely, as a matter of fact you can even export all customers gained through SphereMail system.
  • Funds are directly deposited into your account.