How it Works

SphereMail's complete virtual office platform makes it easier for mail administrators and customers to access, view and manage mail online or from a mobile device.

Peace-of-mind for your customers. Sustainable profit for you

Used by more than 15,000+ customers worldwide.

  • Smart bulk mail entry. No mobile app required

  • Print shipping labels with prepaid postage

  • No more writing emails or texting to notify customers

  • No more answering phone calls about mail

  • Automated mail forwarding/shipping

  • Scan postal mail into the system online or with a mobile app Instant automatic notifications

  • Access our open API for seamless integration

Process customers paper mail whenever, wherever

Give your customers the opportunity to receive their mail whenever, wherever.

Sell your address and manage customers' paper mail. Add their mail in SphereMail app and resolve customers' needs.

  • You set your own pricing. SphereMail does not control any of it

  • All customers acquired or added to the system are considered 100% your customers

  • SphereMail allows to resolve customers' needs and increase customer loyalty.

In addition to our mail portal

Our live answering and virtual phone numbers offer seamless automated phone line management, it gives businesses the opportunity to cut their high real estate costs and easily mobilize their workforce.

Global payments built-in

Connect a gateway. Real time payments.

Don't see your payment gateway? Contact us


  • SphereMail is a complete end to end solution automatically allows mail room administrators manage their users' postal mail and parcels. It suites enterprises of any size, coworking spaces, full service offices and business centers.
  • We built this system based from our own experience running a coworking space and therefore we know firsthand what a coworking space or business center needs to solve their day to day mail operation.
  • Although we allocate part of our budget to marketing, however it is not our core business model. Our focus is to offer a system that solves your day to day postal mail activities at a extremely low prices than our competition. In addition, all customers gained through us are considered 100% your customers, you have full control of them, therefore any marketing dollars you spend are worth spending since they considered yours.
  • No, listing your facility is free.
  • To begin this process is you need to become a Certificated Mail Receiving Agency approved by your local USPS office.


    1. Complete Form 1583a application, which can found here.
    2. Once approval received you should be ready to accept customers
  • Yes, with one click of a button, your customer will retain their user-name and password including their payment information.
  • This option is available. We will provide you SphereMail engine and prices offered are wholesale price to give you room to make a profit. SphereMail brand will not be visible anywhere on your website.

Push the limits of location!

Add customers, manage their paper mail, and get revenue.