SphereMail Virtual Solution

Streamline mail management, get more customers and scale your business at your Coworking Space or Retail Store

SphereMail is a simple and superbly functional platform for providing your clients digitized mail remotely. It is the easiest way to add customers and generate additional revenue and scale your business.

What to expect from SphereMail?

  • Easy startup

    Select one of 1,400 addresses with different prices for any need. Automatically signup and manage office mail for remote workers

  • Remote access to physical mail

    SphereMail allows your employees to sign into a secure online platform where they can manage their postal mail from any place

  • Manage Scans, Forwards, & Shreds

    Easy-to-use drag & drop window. An expedient way to upload scans, process forwards and record shreds all in the same place.


  • Revenue Share

    Manage customers mail confidently with all features

    30% Transaction Fee

    • Standard White-label Website
    • Automated Billing System
    • Public Website for Virtual Users
    • Offer ACH and Credit Card Subscriptions
    • Offer Discount Coupons and Trials
    • Training and Support


  • SphereMail is a cloud based platform that simplifies mail management at coworking spaces in addition to generating virtual phone numbers to users. It resolves intra/inter-company mail, to and from remote staff, without losing a physical mail items; i.e. it gives corporations the opportunity to cut their high real estate cost and mobilize their workforce. In addition SphereMail also provides virtual phone numbers and extensions for seamless automated phone line management.
  • There are no subscription fees or hidden fees. It’s simple: as soon as you have members signed up, SphereMail’s revenue share is only 30%. This includes the cost of Credit Card processing, unlimited admins, the ability to create unlimited coupons, Real-time view activity and revenue reports, and the ability to create up to 8 subscription plans. Our service includes full access to a platform, which provides a payment processor, the ability to manage customers, and 24/7 phone/email support.
  • You sure can. Absolutely, as a matter of fact you can even export all customers gained through SphereMail system.
  • Funds are directly deposited into your account.

Process your paper mail remotely

Simplify your staff's access to view and manage their office mail