The idea came in 2011 when operating our coworking spaces and virtual mailbox services. As we found there was a real need for an application to resolve mail tracking and handling to individuals, business and mailroom operations. The lack of such service makes it challenging for the business to process large amounts of incoming mail. Forget about re-inventing the wheel, our mobile and web application integrates easily to any website.

"We could not have survived without Spheremail, our business has grown 50% within in one month and has increased our profit revenue substantially. The best part about Sphere Mail is how easy it is for our members to sign up and interface with CO-Spot's virtual mail membership. On average we gain 1-2 new members per week, and that's a slow week for us. Sphere Mail has made the entire process of virtual mail easy and simple, we are soo grateful Sphere Mail knocked on our door last year in October, we could not have made it this far without you, thank you!"

Joanna Portillo | Co-Founder and Executive -

"The software platform is solid and easy to operate, with ridiculous 24/7 support - from the developer no less. Customers sign up online with little or no assistance & they really appreciate the fair deal, and we love being able to provide a solid resource to small business."

Varr & Julie Scanlon | Founders -

"SphereMail is awesome. Their software is easy to use and looks great! The staff is very helpful and extremely friendly. I would recommend this service to any business who is looking to make passive income! Thanks Sphere Mail!"

Gina Lujan | Founder -